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Spiky Moss

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    One 3x3 inch portion of Spiky moss, Taxiphyllum spiky.


    Shrimp-Friendly Habitat: Spiky Moss provides a secure and natural environment for shrimp, offering hiding spots and a sense of security.

    Low-Maintenance: Well-suited for shrimp tanks, Spiky Moss is easy to care for and adapts to various water parameters.

    Biofilm Support: The moss supports the growth of beneficial biofilm, serving as a crucial food source for shrimp in the tank.

    Oxygenation: Contributes to tank oxygenation, ensuring a healthy and balanced ecosystem, particularly in densely populated shrimp tanks.

    Aquascaping Accent: Apart from its functional benefits, Spiky Moss enhances the visual appeal of the tank, adding a unique and interesting element to the aquascape.



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