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Crystal Red Shrimp S+ Grade

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    Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) - S grade V band with vibrant red and white color.

    Crystal Red Shrimp prefer clean, soft acidic water with a pH of 6 - 6.8, and gH of 4 - 6, they require cool temperature between 68 and 78 degrees F.

    Aquarium must be fully cycled with a lot of biofilms and plants for them to graze on. Ammonia and nitrite should always be zero, nitrate under 25ppm. Weekly water change of 10-20% is suggested to keep the nitrate low. Feed only 2-3 times a week as overfeeding will cause shrimp death.

    Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp is fairly easy as long as the water parameters are stable. Female shrimp will carry the eggs for about 30 days until they are hatched to miniature size of their parents. It is important to have a well established aquarium in order for the shrimplets to survive as they can only consume biofilms until they grow older.

    Common Name: Crystal shrimp, red bee shrimp, crs
    Scientific name: Caridina cf Cantonesis
    Maximum Size: 1.2"

    Water Parameters:
    pH 6.0 - 6.8
    gH 4 - 6
    kH 0 - 1
    TDS 120 - 150
    Temperature 68 – 78F

    Shipping Size: 1/4" - 1/2"

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    1. Awesome yet again!

      I will never by shrimp anywhere else as long as SoShrimp is in business. Awesome yet again! on 30th Jun 2020

    2. So happy!

      All of my shrimp arrived alive and in great health, even after UPS lost the package for two days. I could not be happier with my order, and especially the superior level of customer service I received through the process - from before I even ordered until after they were enjoying a meal in my tank, I felt like SoShrimp was there for me to make sure I had an excellent experience. on 1st Jun 2020

    3. Awesome!

      Awesome shrimp! Cool moss too! Great price! FAST shipping and NO DOA. Also, received a SUPER COOL ORANGE SAKURA SHRIMP IN THE BAG, SO I JUST ORDERED 10 MORE.
      on 12th May 2020

    4. Nice shrimps

      Nice quality colorful shrimps, excellent packaging, every time I order from this company all of them arrived alive and full of energy. Before I ordered from different companies that they don't package them well and 50% arrived dead and the other 50 % very lethargic and died few days later but this company really know what they are doing. highly recommended. They also give you a couple of shrimps extra. on 11th Feb 2020

    5. Arrived alive and healthy. Very satisfied.

      This is my second order of CRS from soshrimp. Both times the shrimp arrived alive and healthy, and all have remained alive a few weeks now and are exploring, foraging and molting like healthy shrimp should. Highly recommend as a source for CRS. on 17th Dec 2019


      These are BY FAR the ABSOLUTE BEST shrimp I have EVER received in all the shrimp I have ever purchased anywhere. If I ever want to more shrimp, SoShrimp is the ONLY way to go. FAST SHIPPING AND HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL QUALITY SHRIMP. I have purchased shrimp online and have always received DOA shrimp. Then another 1/2 of them die in the next 24 to 72 hours. NOT THESE SHRIMP! After drip acclimating them and placing them in the tank, NOT A SINGLE dead shrimp. I ordered 20, received 22, and ALL ARE ALIVE, ACTIVE, AND THRIVING. Oh, and one final thing, the grade for these shrimp is AWESOME and ABOVE the pictures online. These are just BEAUTIFUL SHRIMP!! GREAT JOB SOSHRIMP!!! You are my ONLY shrimp store! on 12th Dec 2019

    7. Great Customer Service and Beautiful Shrimp!

      I ordered 10 CRS S+ Grade and I received exactly what I ordered. You can't always control everything that happens. This seller stands by their DOA policy and quickly made it right. These shrimp are beautiful and are doing great. I am so happy with my purchase and that I chose to buy them here. Buy with confidence :) on 18th Nov 2019

    8. Great quality and fast shipping. Ordered 30, received 31 alive and healthy!!!

      Great company to do business with. Packages well and great quality. on 30th Oct 2019

    9. great

      Was a little skeptical at first when they arrived and did not have good color for S+. But after about two weeks they brightened up very nicely at fit in with the other S-SS+ shrimp I had in there. Now I can’t tell which came from who. on 11th Oct 2019

    10. Great Quality and Customer Service

      Great experience with the seller and excellent quality shrimp. All shrimp arrived healthy, none were DOA, and were shipped responsibly. All shrimp have acclimated well and I would order again from the seller. The seller was responsive to inquiries on shipping and delivery schedules. on 5th Sep 2019

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