Crystal Red Shrimp Feeding

Crystal Red Shrimp S+ Grade

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    Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) - S grade V band with vibrant red and white color.

    Crystal Red Shrimp prefer clean, soft acidic water with a pH of 6 - 6.8, and gH of 4 - 6, they require cool temperature between 68 and 78 degrees F.

    Aquarium must be fully cycled with a lot of biofilms and plants for them to graze on. Ammonia and nitrite should always be zero, nitrate under 25ppm. Weekly water change of 10-20% is suggested to keep the nitrate low. Feed only 2-3 times a week as overfeeding will cause shrimp death.

    Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp is fairly easy as long as the water parameters are stable. Female shrimp will carry the eggs for about 30 days until they are hatched to miniature size of their parents. It is important to have a well established aquarium in order for the shrimplets to survive as they can only consume biofilms until they grow older.

    Common Name: Crystal shrimp, red bee shrimp, crs
    Scientific name: Caridina cf Cantonesis
    Maximum Size: 1.2"

    Water Parameters:
    pH 6.0 - 6.8
    gH 4 - 6
    kH 0 - 1
    TDS 120 - 150
    Temperature 68 – 78F

    Shipping Size: 1/4" - 1/2"

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    1. Best Deal and Quality

      When starting a new tank that I want to keep crystals in, this is my go to package. I bought 3 - 10 S+ CRS packs. 33 S+ to SS quality shrimp arrived alive and happy. When ordering this pack I always get healthy S+ shrimp with a few SS shrimps. on 20th Jun 2019

    2. Wonderful Experience!

      Reasonably priced, high quality shrimp with one extra in the bag. This was a great experience and I will be ordering from SoShrimp very soon in the future. on 19th Jun 2019

    3. Satisfied

      ordered Crystal Red Shrimp S+ Grade which came promptly in good condition. Now a week later and looking good. Got what I ordered!! on 12th Jun 2019

    4. took a week to ship

      i got 10+1 i got them on the 5-31-19 its now 6-04-19 ive seen 9 at one time am sure the 2 missing ones are just hiding i have a heavy planted tank a bit small just its better that way so over all i didnt like the wait but am happy with the order definitely going to order from him again on 4th Jun 2019

    5. All shrimp arrived alive and beautiful.

      I received all 10 + 1 shrimp alive and well. The shrimp are small for acclamation purposes but they all have great colors already! on 10th May 2019

    6. Beautiful shrimp!

      Even though the post office took their sweet time getting these to me and it was in the middle of a freak snowstorm (in mid APRIL!) all 33 shrimp arrived alive and well. I had ordered 3 different types, Blue Bolt, Crystal Red & Orange Sakura. I ordered 10 of each, received 11 of each. All acclimated well following the instructions that came with them and all appear to be alive and well (I didn't take a head count) today, over a week later. on 20th Apr 2019

    7. Great Quality

      Ordered 10 and recieved 11 shrimp. All have great color and made it to Texas alive. Doing well after drip acclimation and even had one molt today. Would definitely order from again. on 18th Apr 2019

    8. soShrimp is the best .....

      All my shrimp arrived alive and kicking after I added them to the tank they started looking for a meal. I put in some snowflake food and they all started eating. After they finished it all they looked for more every where in the tank. So beautiful only place I'm going to buy from on 15th Apr 2019

    9. Came back for more

      This seller is the real deal. Shrimp arrive small: this is preferred, they will acclimate to your tank conditions. This seller is able to breed thousands of shrimp and sell them: if your shrimp die in your tank, it is because of YOUR tank conditions being inhospitable. I am so happy that I found this seller. I will buy from here for life so long as soshrimp stays in business. on 12th Apr 2019

    10. beautiful

      I just received my order and I am very happy with the care So shrimp took packing them. The shrimp all got here without problem and are looking great.
      Thank you so much for your care
      on 12th Apr 2019

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