Red Pinto Shrimp - Male

Pinto Shrimp - Red Pinto Shrimp(Mixed Pattern)

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    Pinto shrimp with patterns such as zebra stripe, spotted head, belly, fishbone, and galaxy. These are home bred pinto shrimp, you will get unsexed juvenile shrimp at 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, mixed pattern. They are fairly easy to keep and breed, require the same care as crystal red shrimp.

    Aquarium must be fully cycled with a lot of biofilms and plants for them to graze on. Ammonia and nitrite should always be zero, nitrate under 25ppm. Weekly water change of 10-20% is suggested to keep the nitrate low. Feed only 2-3 times a week as overfeeding will cause shrimp death.

    Breeding pinto shrimp is the same as breeding crystal red shrimp. Female shrimp will carry the eggs for about 30 days until they are hatched to miniature size of their parents. It is important to have a well established aquarium in order for the shrimplets to survive as they can only consume biofilms until they grow older.

    Common Name: Red pinto shrimp, red zebra pinto, galaxy pinto, spotted head
    Scientific name: Caridina cf Cantonesis
    Maximum Size: 1.2"

    Water Parameters:
    pH 6.0 - 6.8
    gH 4 - 6
    kH 0 - 1
    TDS 120 - 150
    Temperature 68 – 78F

    Shipping Size: 1/4" - 1/2"

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