Bloody Mary Shrimp

Bloody Mary Shrimp

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    Bloody Mary Shrimp are fascinating shrimp with bright red color, they are another strain selectively bred from Chocolate shrimp. Unlike Fire red cherry shrimp, which have red opaque coloration, Bloody Marys are translucent with bright red tissues.

    CARING - Bloody Mary Shrimp are easy to care for as they can adapt to a wide range of water parameters, they can be kept in either soft or hard water. We recommend keeping them in hard water with a gH of at least 8 for them to show their best color. Aquarium should be fully cycled before introducing any shrimp. There should be no trace of Ammonia and Nitrite, Nitrate under 25ppm. Weekly water change of 10-20% is suggested to keep the nitrate low. Feed only 2-3 times a week as overfeeding will cause shrimp death.

    BREEDING - Breeding Bloody Mary Shrimp is fairly easy, if there is a male and female in the aquarium, they will breed. Female shrimp will carry the eggs for about 30 days until they are hatched to miniature size of their parents. It is important to have a well established aquarium in order for the shrimplets to survive as they can only consume biofilms until they grow older. We recommend to only keep one strain of Neocaridina shrimp per tank because of crossbreeding, which will revert the offsprings back to wild color.

    Common Name: Bloody Mary shrimp
    Scientific name: Neocaridina davidi
    Maximum Size: 1.5"

    Water Parameters:
    pH 6.5 - 7.5
    gH 6 - 12
    kH 0 -10
    TDS 250 - 350
    Temperature 68 – 78F

    Shipping Size: 1/2" - 1"

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    1. 1 survived.

      Beautiful shrimp. But only 2/5 arrived alive. 1 died shortly after but one seems to still be healthy on 14th Jun 2020

    2. Very Healthy

      My Bloody Mary shrimp arrived healthy and quite active. Their colors are beautiful. I have ordered from before and will again. Ordering and shipping were simple and clear. When ordering live animals, that's important and does a great job.
      on 13th Jun 2020

    3. 2/5 arrived alive. Still pretty happy

      Information only 2 arrived alive. But they're such amazing quality im not that upset. Hopefully these 2 breed. If not ill be buying more for sure. Such a pure red. on 6th Jun 2020

    4. Great, Healthy Shrimp Just As Described

      I had a great experience when ordering. The shrimp came promptly. I ordered two and got three. All were Bloody Mary shrimp, bright red and healthy. All three arrived alive and are doing well. I would definitely recommend and order again. on 28th May 2020

    5. Excellent quality and Service

      I received my order of 5 and got a +1, the shipping was fantastic, you can tell they take great care of their shrimp and do the best they can so they arrive well and healthy.

      Sadly, many of mine died a few days after, but it seems it was due to a difference in the water conditions with my current tank vs where they are held.

      I reached out and SoShrimp was very kind and provided lots of good knowledge so more survive the next time I purchase, which I certainly will.

      Totally recommended
      on 20th Apr 2020

    6. Excellent shrimps

      Nice quality colorful shrimps, excellent packaging, every time I order from this company all of them arrived alive and full of energy. Before I ordered from different companies that they don't package them well and 50% arrived dead and the other 50 % very lethargic and died few days later but this company really know what they are doing. highly recommended. They also give you a couple of shrimps extra. on 11th Feb 2020

    7. Bloody Mary Shrimp

      Shrimp arrived without losses. Beautiful color and health. Would definitely buy again. Thank you! on 15th Dec 2019

    8. Nice bloody mary’s with culls

      Received 2 extras in shipment a couple months ago with 3 DOA. Some female shrimp looked lighter in color and are still lighter almost a pale pink/red color, not a deep red. I am guessing it is genetics as I feed my shrimp good quality food. Figured I would wait to see how they grow out but looks like I am going to have to do a large cull from the group I purchased to keep the dark red lines dark. on 5th Nov 2018

    9. Not all bloody mary.

      Shrimp packed well and active but out of my 10 there were two or three lesser grade cherrys.. The bloody mary were nice however. Also my emails sent to discuss this matter are being ignored. on 13th Aug 2018

    10. Happy Healthy Shrimp

      I got 10 happy healthy beautiful shrimp. The crazy part is all the shrimp started going crazy
      shortly after I got them transferred over to their new home, In the morning I found out one of them molted. Extremely Happy with my purchase.
      on 20th Jul 2018

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